We understand. We know you hate it. You’re pale. How pale? You’re so pale that you’re blinding family members. You’re so pale that during winter, you’re invisible. You’re so pale that you make a marshmallow look tan.

We know, it’s not awesome. You have two choices. The first...well, we don’t recommend it, since it involves standing in the sun for way too long and keeping both fingers and toes crossed that you don’t roast. The second is to make use of the state-of-the-art tanning services at Clear Creek Fitness. Our thriving family fitness center is open 24/7 for members and for tanning, meaning that after work, after church, after any time you want, you can come in and achieve a tan that’s golden and healthy.  Whether you are interested in a full membership (with a discount for tanning!) or a tanning-only membership, we have an option for you!

Tanning Membership


12 Month UNLIMITED - $24 / Month

6 Month UNLIMITED- $30 / Month

Month to Month UNLIMITED - $40 / Month


*there is no sign up fee for tanning only memberships.

Drop-In Tanning

For Gym Members

$4 Per Visit

$15 Five Visits

$25 Ten Visits

For Non-Gym Members

$5 Per Visit

$20 Five Visits

$30 Ten Visits

Full Membership Options

Now that you look good, want to feel even better? While you’re here, we’ve also got a wide variety of fitness amenities like machine weights, the latest in cardio equipment, health supplements and so much more. Full Gym Members also get special low rates for tanning, and the ability to purchase our UNLIMITED tanning add-on package for just $30 per month.  It’s all surrounded by an environment that’s positive, welcoming, and waiting for you. At Clear Creek Fitness, our goal is to help you reach your goals, and we’ll do with expertise, excellent customer service, and pricing that’s competitive.

Ready to get started? Join online now either as a full member for reduced tanning rates or as a tanning-only member for unlimited tanning access!

Want to become a full member with access to reduced rates for tanning?   Join online now!


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